Urza artifact storm

by ahaurw01

Win with artifact-based infinite combos.

Power level: Focused/Optimized

Ramp into urza which helps us generate lots of mana from tapping artifacts.

Win conditions/combos:

- Generate infinite mana (colorless is fine) to flip our whole library to Urza's ability. This is the easiest path to victory and opens up any of the following win conditions.

- Aetherflux reservoir. Casting infinite spells wins. We can cast enough to fire the cannon at least once without going infinite.

- Tidespout tyrant. Two mana neutral artifacts gives infinite storm count for the laser cannon, or mana positive artifacts (counting Urza's ability) wins us the game and can bounce the whole board as needed.

- Stroke of genius. Make infinite mana. Flip the library. Cast SOG for zero to get it in the yard. Cast Archaeomancer targeting SOG with the ETB trigger. Draw one player out. Cast Capsize, buying back, targeting Archaeomancer. We can buy back even if casting for free from Urza's ability. Repeat for all players. Use Capsize to remove any problematic protection.

Paths to infinite mana. Note that if Urza is out, we can filter infinite colorless to blue.

- Voltaic Key + Rings of Brighthearth + Metalworker

- Rings of Brighthearth + Basalt Monolith

- Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal

- Tidespout Tyrant + two repayable artifacts, at least one of which is mana positive

Explosive enablers:

Paradoxical Outcome. Can draw us a huge number of cards, plus replaying artifacts can often net more mana and play into helpers like Sai, Archmage, or Riddlesmith.

Devastation Tide can be a better Cyclonic Rift if it allows us to replay our stuff for value.

Cost reducers are huge. They allow us to replay our hand or turn artifacts into being mana positive.

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